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    I am looking for a SMS tool that will do a soft reset is there such a criter ?

    1. Send SMS with the word REBOOT
    2. TREO 700wx reads SMS REBOOT happens

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    You should ask hannip if that's possible with Mortscript (there's a thread about it in this same forum area). He's an absolute guru with it. But he's getting bogged down with a bunch of requests
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    MortScript can do the reboot, but I don't think it can read text messages without some help. You'd need a program that captures the sms messages as they come in.
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    Here's an idea. Check out MortRing:

    According to the description, it can search text messages for keywords. One of the options is running a program (so a soft reset program that does not require confirmation could be run). I think this would get you what you're looking for.

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