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    hannip, that ebay seller that's linked to in the XDA forum doesn't have any of the 4GB cards right now. Do you think this one is the same as the one he sells?
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    Looks the same and says it's made from Samsung flash memory like the other one. I guess I got one of the last ones from that other store. I'm quite happy with it, now on week 2 and no missing card bug yet.
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    Any new advice on 2GB vs. 4GB cards and brands?
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    My ebay 4giger is still going. Been reading and writing to it constantly for a couple of weeks now. The store where I bought them are out of stock. It looks like this store has some.

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    I bought one of the Samsung type cards and my phone won't recognize it. I did a new FAT32 format on my computer and can transfer files to it. The phone beeps when I put it in but doesn't show up. Anything else to try?
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    The one I got from grassroots computers on ebay wouldn't work. Sent it back for an exchange hoping the first one was just a dud.
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    I ordered a Sandisk card and just got the invoiced emailed to me Is the Cingular a SDHC, Class 2 supported devices?

    From what I can see from reading at xda and occording to Sandisk you can use a 4GB card in the 750 but still only use 2GB of it, is that true?
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