I've been tinkering with my Slingbox settings and connections a lot because Mobile Slingbox is probably one of the most hustling things I've seen in a while... I don't really understand networking and protocol stuff, but my experiments seem to be improving things and I came across a few threads that might have some promise in the hands of people who know what they're doing:

This guy talks about using your WAN address and port instead of the normal LAN settings:

The caps are def a little shady and make you wonder if he's real or if he's shilling, but he's got other posts that reference D-Link GameFuel routers, which happens to be what I have:

My takeaways after lots of trial and error:

- Connecting via your "real" ip (i.e. whatismyip.com) seems to help, although I don't think I ever actually configured the WAN connection correctly. I'm consistently over 200kbps and enter the 300s with this setup.

- Setting up direct IP connections on your PC's Slingplayer (vs. using Sling ID) is a good way to test remote connections.

- Nothing I did really resulted in game-changing speed, so I tried re-running Slingbox Setup to set the box on the direct IP addresses and ports. This led to a long period of wackness and I ended up resetting both my Slingbox AND MY ROUTER; I must have created some deep conflict with my router. The setup program I'm talking about is the one that runs 1-time when you first install the box and is not accessable from within SlingPlayer. But it is a shortcut in the SlingMedia folder of your start bar. Proceed at your own risk I guess. Or have some idea of what you're doing.

Mobile SlingPlayer Settings
Encoding: I go with [bitrate/framerate/Iframe] = [250, 20, 10]. I get 15-18fps with 250-350kbps with HSDPA enabled in Manhattan.

- I-Frame setting doesn't seem to impact much. Is I-Frame a client-side compression tech maybe?

- Bit-rate definitely seems to impact a lot. Below 150 bitrate seems to affect image quality pretty badly with my connections.

- Even though I rarely get above 20fps, whenver I try going to 'full-rate' on framerate, things seem to get worse.

- You should let the Optimizer (buffer optimizer on the first tab) do its thing for a few seconds until your 'SlingId' is holding steady on the top left of the screen. If 'optimizing' shows up a lot, that seems to be a sign that your encoding settings aren't working well with your current connection.

- The default settings in the first tab seem to work best after trying lots of different configs. This is consistent with other posts from what I've seen.
Buffer Settings - Automatic
Optimization - Enable; Enable Fast Start