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    Does anybody happen to be using a unlocked Cingular or Vodaphone 750 on the Rogers network? If so...any problems at all?

    My 650 died this afternoon and I'm looking to replace with a unlocked 750 and just want to be sure it works on our network..thanks!
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    It works. I've got an unlocked 750v and its been working fine. I've had a little difficulty with getting my time/clock to sync with Rogers both in Toronto (UTMS) and Vancouver (mostly GSM) signals, but I think its only me that having this problem. I didn't have any problems when I went to Hawaii (Cingular GSM).

    There are others if you follow some of these threads who have been using Rogers on a 750v.
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    Thanks morpheus..appreciate the confirmation and I'm searching posts here and on howardforums now before I pull the trigger :-)
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    Ive had the unlocked vodaphone model for several months now on Rogers with no problems at all. The only thing I have seen is the there is a disconnect when UMTS has connected for a few minutes as it is being tested. I am curious to see what will happen when UMTS launches, if it will disconnect when switching between GSM and UMTS.
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    On Cingular sometimes there is a disconnect when switching between GSM and UMTS but usually there isn't.
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    Appreciate all the comments and most likely will go with the 750V..months ago they were plentiful on Ebay but I see alot less of them now.

    I do see alot of the Cingular 750 but have heard comments the Cingular ROM is buggy so I think think I'll just try to track down a 750V that I know other Canadians are using and have working on Rogers network :-)

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