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    I don't want to hide my Carrier Line, but I would like to customize it to make better use of the space it occupies.

    Firstly, I would like to be able to show the date (in a shortened form, although not necessarily the short date format) so I can disable the usual Date plugin.

    See the following Photoshopped mock ups:-

    Please note I have specifically placed the date where it is so that it doesn't overlap any of the different carrier or phone status messages that appear on the left.

    I have yet to see a short date format that shows the abbreviated day (eg Fri or Wed) then dd-MMM-yy, but that is what I would like to see on my Today screen.

    I would then like to use the space between the date and bluetooth icon to add some other icons. One icon that could be handy is one that shows that the hardware ringer switch is set to off (ie on mute). See Photoshopped mock ups below.

    Ideally, if the Treo ever includes some sort of phone profiles app in the future (ie different device settings for home, car, work, meeting etc) then another useful icon that could be displayed here is an icon showing the currently selected profile.

    Is it possible for any of the above to be developed in a 3rd party app ??
    Or do I need to send my suggestions to Palm and hope they put it in a future ROM ?
    What is the best way to contact Palm with this sort of request ?
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