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    I just got my Treo 750 and I know that it is locked to Cingular and that as a former AT&T Wireless customer and current Charter Plan subscriber, I need to get the subsidy unlock code from Cingular to use the phone, and yes, I know that supposedly, to use 3G broadband capabilities I must have a 3G SIM (USIM), but my question is essentially, when I try to turn on the phone, I get a message stating that the Network is locked and to input the unlock code. When I attempt to put in an incorrect code, it bounces back and tells me something about I've attempted 1 time, then 2 times if I try again. I understand that if you try to access a locked SIM card a certain amount of times that it will lock you out.

    So what exactly is happening here? Is it asking me for the subsidy unlock code for the PHONE or is it asking me for an unlock code to the SIM? Remember, this is when I try to turn on the wireless. What happens to the phone if I get to 5 attempts? What happens to the SIM if I get to 5 attempts?

    Either way, I won't be trying again until I get the unlock code from Cingular in a few days. Any tips, suggestions, answers to my questions?

    Thanks for any help!


    Treo 600 ----> Unlocked Treo 650 ----> Unlocked Treo 680 and now hopefully Treo 750.
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    Are you using a 750 ? If so they are having issues with the unlock codes, they have them , based on the IMEI, however they do not work. For whatever reason , this is somthing the are working on with Palm directly. I received this information from a Senior tech who called me after a Exec esclation.

    If you attmept more then 5 times, the phone will be forever locked to cingular.
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    ARGH! So that means I essentially have two more tries. I guess that at least it doesn't have anything to do with my SIM Card. Wonder what happens if that gets locked? I need to get a new SIM Card?

    Thanks for your quick response.
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    Once the device is locked it is locked to Cingular. It will work, but only with a Cingular SIm.

    Are you currently using a cingular sim and trying to enter a unlock code from them ?

    If you have the 750 and a unlock code from cingular for it I would holdoff beucase they are having issues with them. PM me and I will give you the contact informatin
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    I am using an AT&T Wireless SIM. Should I purchase an unlock code from one of those services if Cingular is having problems?
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    Oh, and it's actually my screw up that I attempted 3 times. I thought I was trying to unlock the SIM Card. So the first two times I tried what I thought was my PIN, and the third time I tried a generic one that Cingular gave me that supposedly unlocks SIMs. So it was my mistake thinking that it was to unlock the SIM when I guess what it is really asking for is the subsity unlock code. So I got two shots left....I'll try one from Cingular when I get it, and if that fails, I will try an unlock code purchased from a reputable source. If that one doesn't work, I'll sue Cingular!!! Hell, for me it's free, I'm a mean lawyer!
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    I had the same issue, bought an unlock code from ebay, provided imei, and entered the code, and it was good to go on the AT&T sim. I installed the hsdpa hack and it was good but inconsistent speeds. I just recently swapped over to a Cingular sim and my speeds are much better now.
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    I would strongly recommend holding off on entering the unlock code until Cingular can confirm that they actaully work. I got the code form them, tried twice and it failed. I called the exec esclations, as I am about to travel, and they told me that while they have the unlock code there is a issue with the way the obtained them. They indicated that they are working with Palm on a resultion. This has to do cingular and plam. Once you try 5 times, it is locked to the network.
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    I had the same problem and one of the reps gave me the wrong code. Luckily they found the right code after 2 attempts.
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    Small screw up on my part. The Treo 750 requires you to hit the option key to input numbers instead of letters. It will not default to numbers when it asks you for the subsidy unlock code. I burned two of the 5 tries you get to input the subsidy unlock before it locks itself permanently. So be careful.

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