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    I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, but the main issue concerns usability on the treo.

    On my office computer, I run google desktop search with the DNKA server(a web server which allows me to access the local GDS from other computers) and on my wn2k3 server I run an ftp server.

    Currently, I have my treo connect to the MS vpn, and the connect to the ftp virtual directory mapped for my desktop hard drive, or connect to gds with PIE. Whichever way, I use the VPN to get past the firewall. The pain is that the treo drops the vpn connection very quickly while I am paused looking the the search results or ftp directory, which causes me to have to log in again to the web interface for the gds. the phone does automatically connect to the vpn, but the ftp and gds conections require me to log in again. mainly, the gds as it does not store my password.

    I feel more comfortable hiding everything from the internet with the vpn, but it sure makes it more of a pain to use those services.

    Anyone use their treo to connect to similar services? if so, do you open those ports up to the the internet or are your getting to them from vpn?
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    I use PCAnywhere on several computers within our church from my Treo and connect to them through port forwarding. I've had no problems so far.
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    I do the same thing. pcAnywhere works great.


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