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    I recently installed and de-installed quickly the spectec mini-sd wifi card. Could not get along with it.

    A consequence, I think, of this is that my Wireless Manager has also stopped working (gave me phone and bluetooth before). If I select it (right soft key when on home screen) I can see the menu option, but selecting it does nothing at all now :-(

    Any ideas anyone ?


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    Like many of us, you may have installed a bunch of software, some software just doesnt play nice or may have an update for the treo or WM5. When I first received my Treo 750 I installed a lot of the software I was running on my old PPC phone (hw6515). Some of this software caused my keyboard icon to look strange and not refresh (WisBar). Other software caused my pocket outlook to prevent me from deleting messages, and yes even caused the wireless manager not to load.

    I cant say what software caused some of these issues, but I did get all the updated 3rd party software for WM5 and started installing the software one at a time while testing some of the core functions. Once I felt my "required" 3rd party software was installed and everything was working as expected, I did a full backup. Then installed some of the fluff... Slingplayer, Live Search, etc.

    Device is now working great, no issues, and just feels clean!
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    Happened to me once also. Hard reset I guess, that's what I did to get it back. Sam ewith the volume up/battery status conflict.
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    Thanks for advice folks. As an experiment I hard reset back to zero, and of course it then worked. Restoring the whole device from the backup and I have the problem again.

    Action: Hard Reset and install the things I really need over again


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