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    As a GTD fan, and a long-time Palm user, I have only used Palm OS Treos up till now. And if you ever have too, you know that the software doesn't HotSync cleanly with Outlook. For instance, Outlook will let you create 100's of categories for your Task list or Contacts, etc., whereas Palm OS would only let you create about a dozen. Even worse, I make extensive use of the Notes functionality of Outlook. Not only does Palm OS limit me to only a dozen categories (I have other 30 categories on Outlook Notes), but it TRUNCATES your Outlook Notes down to a shortened cut-off size for Palm OS. I have had some disastrous moments in the past where I then re-synchronized back to Outlook and lost all content from my Notes that had been cut off for Palm OS!

    To get around these limitations (and sometimes disasters), I have purchased and used KeySuite over the years, which provides virtually direct one-to-one compatibility between Outlook and Palm OS, right down to allowing you to color-code your Notes on your Palm just as I have color-coded them on Outlook (yes, I do that too). This all fits in really well with my Getting Things Done approach (popularized by author David Allen).

    Now my key question: Does the Treo 750's Windows OS provide the deep, one-to-one compatibility with Microsoft Outlook? Or is it too somehow limited in # of categories, size of Notes length, etc.?

    If the answer is yes, I'm a buyer. Would love your help with this, as I can't tell from any of the feature-sets in adverts I'm seeing whether this is the case or not.
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    Bump. Anyone? Just curious about the compatibility/transferability between Outlook features and Windows OS. See my original note.
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    I use the Outlook plugin that David Allen sells -- on the desktop. This functionality does not carry over to the Smartphone version of WM5, at least. I've tried the Dash and the SDA. Come to think of it, the functionality didn't carry over to the MDA that I took for a test drive, either.

    However I think you don't have the silly limit on the number of categories that you face with Palm.
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    Yes, deep one-to-one compatibility is provided.

    You could always purchase it and try it for 30 days to see if it fits your needs, but based on what you are asking you are good to go.
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    Thank you very much. I think I'm going to turn in my Treo 680, then. Palm OS is crimping my style, and KeySuite isn't supporting the Phone application for the 680, for instance. I just want to be productive. --D
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    Register for a free account. On your PC browser, it's a full wiki. On your Treo, it's optimized for graphics - nice an thin) but allows you to edit as well..

    I use goodlink for my calendar/contacts. I use socal text for my todos.

    Now, whether on the road or at my desk I can deal with my todo's efficently and always have them sycned.

    GTD all the way.

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