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    i have a sprite backup and i would only like to get the contacts list file from the backup....its on an sd card....what file do i need to get and where do i need to put it?.....thanks!
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    I'm not entirely certain Sprite backup can do selective restores (I really don't remember). If it does, it should be as simple as loading up Sprite, select restore, select the backup file, and selecting.

    If you're not using an exchange host for your email, a good way to backup your contacts, calendar, tasks, etc. (or whichever you want) would be's free exchange account. That way you don't have to do anything--Activesync will back it up wirelessly every time you make a change.
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    I believe that you can only restore full sets of data in four areas:

    1) All PIM data
    2) All Emails
    3) All of My Documents
    4) All System Data

    To restore all PIM, including contacts, double click on the SD card's backup file, select YES to run the program, select NEXT, select Customize Restore, NEXT, then select PIM Data only.
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    Music is much more right than Kaiguy, follow what Music said, but then choose personal databases to restore, you will get this contacts backup along with all the PIM data.

    Cheers, buddy.

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