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    so my phone now is pretty much crap. i had a PDA (palm m100) in 6th or 7th grade, just when PDAs were becoming mainstream and fairly cheap. i enjoyed it. it broke randomly in my pocket one day. i loved how i could easily put my homework in it and play some games when i was bored. now im about to graduate high school. i haven't written any homework down all high school. now have i had a PDA since mine broke. with college around the corner, i think i should try and get more organised.

    with that said, i have Sprint. i don't know when my contract is up. but im thinking of getting the Treo 700wx. i have a few questions though.

    1. Can i get this phone and a new plan (such as the unlimited data plan, and a few hundred text messages) without paying the contract cancellation fee?

    2. How big is the phone? easily fits into your pocket? is it about the size of an average flip phone opened?

    3. From everything i've read, you can't turn the device off. is this true? you can only turn the phone aspect off? can you put it in standby or anything like that? or does the screen at least go off so you don't use all of your battery?

    4. Is the 240 x 240 really that big of a deal?

    5. As a phone, how does it stand quality wise?

    6. Are there any plans for the 750 to come to Sprint? if so, how soon? should i wait? are the improvements really that great?

    thanks for your help guys.
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    1. If you have Sprint, you can just change your plan. It will put you into a new contract. Or do a search for SERO and just start up a new plan. Depending on how long you have left on your current contract, it may make more sense.

    2. You can get the dimensions from the Palm website, but it's a sizeable phone. Not too big, but definitely not a Razr. It fits in my pocket fine, but when I first got it, it felt abnormally heavy. Now I don't even notice it.

    3. You're right, I guess. It doesn't really turn all the way "Off", but no PocketPC's do. When it's in standby, the screen is blank. It will continue to use some battery in this manner, because it is working (monitoring notifications, waiting for a call/email, etc.). It's really a nonissue.

    4. Sort of. There are times I wish it had a bigger screen, but then you'd either lose the keyboard or make the whole thing bigger. All in all, it's fine. For all of the other benefits, I can live with the 240x240.

    5. MUCH better than my Blackberry... the phone part of that SUCKED. I'm happy with it as a phone.

    6. No word, as far as I know.

    Good luck.
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    thanks man. that was a lot of help. about the SERO plan, my dad works at the hospital, so he gets major discounts through Sprint. i doubt the SERO plan would be any cheaper than a price he could get a similar plan for.

    one more question. i have 2 email accounts that i use. one is AOL and the other is Gmail. is it possible to set up the mobile outlook or whatever to check my email from those 2 accounts? i ask because i think you have to have POP3, and i don't know anything about that except that i've never figured out how to set up my AOL account with one of those type programs. i don't see why since you can access AOL without the software (their software sucks, and don't use it).
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    I don't use AOL so I have no idea (I'm sure someone else will chime in). I would try doing a google search for AOL and POP. You definitely can use gmail--you just have to set up POP access in the settings.

    Or, like many people do, they pay $1.99/mo for's exchange email, have gmail forward to it, and use the address proxy so it appears that mails from that account originate from But that's a whole different story and an entirely different thread if you want push email.
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    AOL has IMAP servers that pocket outlook can send and pull from.
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    thanks everyone. now i just need the money to buy this thing and get the service gong.
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    oh and by the way, good luck in college. getting your data organized is a great way to start!
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    thanks debo. this board is unlike any others, you guys are actually helpful and really nice.
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    Man, I don't even want to think about how different college would have been for me if I had this phone at that time... wow... It's a great choice, and you'll love it... good luck -

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