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    Hello all,
    Just received a 750 from my company with goodlink, email and all synchs with outlook just fine. My question is, can I access gmail or yahoo mail from the device? I know I should be able to do it with gmail via POP. I sort of feel like goodlink took over and I cant seem to find an option to create new email anymore. Any advice or links to advice would be greatly appreciated. I have searched the forum, but havent found much advice on this for the 750.

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    I'll be watching the responses to your post with great interest.
    Goodlink also took over my device completly and I couldn't find a work around. I did have some before on my 600. My IT department gave up and moved me to activesync. No push capabilities, I'll have to live with 5 min check intervals.
    I also lose access to my global address info as well.
    Good luck
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    I use both gmail and comcast with pop.
    "EMail"-"Tool"-"new account"
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    Once goodlink was put on my 750 the "tools" option went away from the menu pop up within email!
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    go to Programs > Pocket Outlook > inbox

    then you will be prompted to set-up an account for POP or whatever you want
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    There should be several threads addressing this in the Goodlink Forums.
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