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    I've got this error message like 3 times today. it seems to be only when using pieplus. I was trying pieplus last week when I first saw it. I uninstalled pieplus a few days later. then today I installed pieplus again. I have seen this error thing three times today. I am trying to access sites in my favorites, so I know the names are right. i'm trying this pieplus and thinking of buying it, but i'm starting to think this problem is from the app.

    would this have anything to do with the dns changes that I made? you know the thing.

    does anyone else see this?

    are you using pieplus?

    thanks, cody
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    I purchased PIEPlus several months ago and have had no problems with it at all.

    I use it almost everyday but I am located in Phoenix (if that makes a difference).

    I also use the DNS speed hacks as well.

    It wasn't clear from your post, are you only having the problem with PIEPlus installed...meaning everything works fine when you uninstall PIEPlus?
    Joe Fallico
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    yes, I had pie+ installed for maybe 3 days. had it uninstalled for maybe a week. then today I installed it again. I like many of the pie plus features. I just don't know if I would use it all the time. specially if this problem is allways going to be there.

    I never had this problem before pieplus, nor did I have it when pie plus was uninstalled for the last few days.
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    I checked my PIEPlus with and with out the speed hack and although it took a little longer to load the web pages without it, PIEPlus worked fine in both situations.

    I haven't heard of this before and I don't think PIEPlus affects the actual connection in anyway (but I'm not positive on this).

    You may want to contact the developer and let them know that you are thinking of purchasing it but are having problems. There could be a simple fix for you.

    I personally like and use the added features of PIEPlus.

    Good Luck
    Joe Fallico
    Commodity Futures Broker

    Insignia Futures & Options, Inc.

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