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    I had this problem a while ago and it caused my old 700w to come to the point where I couldn't recieve incoming calls or text messages without making a call out first. I finally had to send it in and get a new one.

    So the problem I'm having (again) is that I have accumulated over 6,000 SMS and I can no longer delete them. I can delete them through WM and through FlexMail, but once I do a soft reset, they come back.

    So, I'm thinking, is there some sort of temp folder that holds all of these messages? I found a 'Messaging' folder in Windows, but I have SMS that date back to 9/22/06 but the files in there only date back to 11/12/06, which doesn't seem to help.

    I know I probably could just do a hard reset, but I don't think that should be the only way out. I've had this problem twice on two different devices, and I'm starting to get extremely irritated now.

    Thanks for any help/suggestions, I appreciate it before I have to send this one back...
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    I am having the same problem with my treo pro, did you ever figure out if there was a folder where you can delete the messages from?

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