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    I have a Cingular Treo 750 with Outlook set up as an IMAP client. It sends and receives just fine but I have noticed that messages deleted from the Treo do not appear in the Trash on the server (or any other folder on the handheld or server) and items I have sent from the Treo do not appear in the Sent folder on the Treo or on the server, even though "Keep copies of sent items in Sent folder" is checked on the mailbox Options, Message tab. Does anyone have an idea why? Does anyone know how to configure Pocket Outlook to move deleted items to the Trash folder and sent items to the Sent folder? It otherwise syncs just fine.

    Thanks for any insight.

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    Go to Menu -- Tools -- Manage Folders. Then click the folders you want to sync.
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    Yeah, that's already been done. Both the Trash and Sent folders are selected and they sync perfectly. Whatever is sent from the desktop or deleted from the desktop computer appear in their respective folders, just as they should, and are visible on the Treo, too. However, if something is sent from the Treo or deleted from the Treo, that item does not appear in the Sent folder or the Trash folder and I can't find any settings to make it do so. Is anyone aware of how to set this up?
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    For what it's worth, I have the same problem and have searched in vain for a solution. What I really want is a WM version of Chattermail!!
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    A WM version of Chattermail would be nice. The other "big" IMAP-capable, WM email clients seem to do the same thing, deleting messages without transferring to the Trash folder.

    What I have done to get around the issue is using Menu, Move and moving to the Trash folder instead of Menu, Delete. A couple of extra (and unnecessary, in my opinion) clicks but it works. Anything that I send, I'm BCCing myself and then Moving the incoming message to the Sent folder. Until someone comes up with a way around it, that will have to do for now.
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    Check this thread:

    I have the same problem.
    For the deleted items, I haven't found a way to move (except of course of moving them manually to the Trash folder).
    I simply delete emails on my treo normally and doing that, it creates a new folder on the server called "Deleted Items".
    I just delete this folder regularly while browsing from my PC.

    For the Sent (server) vs. Sent items (treo) problem; I noticed that after sending an email from my Treo, a copy is kept in the "Sent items" folders.
    After 2 (!!! I think I know why though) sync. with the server, the same email shows also in the "Sent" folder on the server.
    So basically, I end up with 2 folders:
    . Sent = copies of emails sent from the web + sent from my Treo
    . Sent items= copies of emails sent ONLY from my Treo.

    Same rountine here, I delete regularly the "sent items" folders from the server.

    I haven't find anything better so far except maybe since I sign up for a free exchange server account (
    Folders structure is respected and I get FREE push email :-)
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