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    I just thinking about switching carriers from Cingular(treo 750 is a POS) to Verizon or Sprint and I was wondering if someone could tell me what the differences between the 700w and the 700wx are, if some of u veteran treo users from both Sprint and the Verizon world could shed some light and guide me on the right path I would really appreciate it. Thanx
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    What's wrong with the 750?

    The 700WX has more space for running apps.. As to the provider, whichever has the better coverage in your area is the one to go with. Sprint's plans and data are much cheaper though.

    I thought you liked the 750 more than the 700WX:

    What happened to that? Were you trying to use the 750 primarily with T-Mobile or Cingular? If you got the 750 from Cingular, it would have been locked to their network and you wouldn't have been able to use it w/ T-Mobile.
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    Christ I'd KILL to have a 750 with VZW. If you think the 750 is a POS, you'll go into cardiac arrest with the 700W.
    Treo 700WX - VZW
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    Google SERO.
    Palm Treo 700W with Verizon PDATP Plan.

    Palm Treo 700WX w/ SERO plan

    Love both
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    The only thing the 750 has going for it is the screen is brighter, the threaded texting and the supposed 3G network(What a Joke!!!) that everybody is bragging about, the phone is way more hype and more money than its worth and considering the fact that cingular doesn't have insurance on their new PDA's, I constantly have to soft reset it and I don't even have any extra programs on it, when u turn the volume off and charge it the only way to turn the volume back on is to do a soft reset, oh yeah and this 3G network that cingular has been braggin about SUCKS, I'll say that again IT SUCKS!!! I was so hyped when I found out that the treo 750 was gonna have 3G on it after all the hype everyone in the cingular store was saying about it, they also said it was gonna be available in South Bend, IN in march of 2007, now they said the towers will not be up until Jan of 2008, I went to Chicago to try out the 3G network out and Evdo was faster, I also have more areas around me that have the Evdo network, and the other thing about cingular's internet connection in my area 1 min it's up and running, the next min it's down, I've never had a problem with Edvo, I had the 700wx with sprint no probs with the phone but sprint kept screwing me on my bill and the customer service over the past 6yrs for sprint has slowly went down hill. Can u see my confusion ROBDAM I'm already in cardiac arrest LOL now I'm just trying to find a remedy to ease the pain .
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    The 3 G networks are definetely slower than EVDO, they are more like Sprints 1x mode. Cingulars new high speed network, HSDPA, or something like that is suppose to be as fast as EVDO Rev A, but from what I've heard it is only available in a few markets right now.

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