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    For some reason my speakerphone will not turn on. During a call I hit the Menu button and then select Speakerphone but nothing happens. I do hear the other end from the default speaker but want to use my speakerphone!

    All sounds on my phone work except for that (and the fact that I cant get the default sound app to play my mp3s as a ringtone)

    Any suggestions?

    Should I do a hard reset? (I dont have much installed at this time)
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    I had the same issue. I will try and remember what caused it and what fixed it. I think it was 3rd party software that caused it. I did a hard-reset and restored a full backup I had, seemed to fix issue.
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    A hard reset fixed the problem but now read next post..........
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    I found the cause of this problem (at least for me).

    When I install SlingPlayer Mobile on my device it stops working.

    After I installed the program and tested it out, I got an error message saying "device.exe" has stopped working as well as "SlingPlayer.exe"

    Anybody have thoughts on why this would occur???

    Thanks again

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