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    First off I have been with Treo since the first 600's came out (had it before offical launch by Sprint). I love the Treo form factor, though it could stand to be slimmed down in future models, and the PalmOS has served me well to this point (phone, PDA, MP3). However, I am starting to look towards making my Treo phone, PDA, MP3 and Navigation system all at the same time. Also plan on using it on my motorcycle and hopefully BT in the helmet for Audio/coms, and think that the lack of true multitasking support would push the current PalmOS past its limits (reading a lot of problems with using navigation and phone, plus the crap BT stack for PalmOS). Also concerned that Garnet is it for Palm, and they are just going to embrace M$ since ALP is IMHO vaporware on a mobile platform for the forseeable future.

    I want to stay with Sprint since I have been with them for a while and feel that they have the best voice/data plans available. Is the 700wx worth upgrading to from a 650 at this time, or should I hold out for Sherlock? Are they as stable as 650 (Mine has only reset a few times since I got it and I got it when they first came out)? Or is their another non Treo product with a similar form factor that will meet all my needs better than a wx? I have some loyalty to the Treo since I have had little issues with them, but given the lack of innovation lately I would be willing to switch to a better product if available. I am not really in a hurry to upgrade at this time and could wait till the summer.
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    Same here, 600 > 650 > 700p > 700wx. RUN, don't walk! Most stable Treo I've ever owned, and I've had 4 600s and 5 650s. Still not perfect, but the best Treo for Sprint IMHO by far. I thought I would have a problem with the screen resolution, but it hasn't been an issue (though the 700p screen is nicer, WM5 uses it well, especially with tweaks). Only problem I have with it is most BT headsets don't work worth crap. Blueant X3 and Jawbone seem to get along with the wx the best in our experience (myself and two other techie coworkers).

    Very happy with mine, would love to have the 680 form factor though.
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    I upgraded to the 700wx from the 650 just a few days ago and I'm very happy so far. I really liked the 650 and had very little trouble with it even with a number of 3rd party apps installed. I am with Sprint, as well, and have been pleased overall with the coverage and voice/data plans.

    I was a little concerned about the learning curve with WM5, but it hasn't been an issue at all. Others have said that it is difficult to navigate, but I haven't found that to be the case. I enjoy learning about new or different technology, so that's half the fun of changing platforms. And although some are bothered by the quality of the screen display of the 700wx as compared with the 650, I don't have a problem with it.

    I have installed a number of 3rd party apps, including PDA Net without any problems. I have also installed TomTom Navigator 5 GPS (a great nav program, in my opinion), and although it's functional, it really isn't 100% compatible with the 700wx. I may upgrade to Navigator 6.

    The only problem I'm having is with the Sprite backup program. When I try to backup to the SC card, the 700wx hangs during the required reset. Sprite tech support is looking into the problem now.

    Finally, I have used the 650 on my motorcycle, connected to an Autocom, and it has been great. I don't expect anything less with the 700wx.

    For me, there isn't another device out there that does what the Treo can do. Good luck with your decision.
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    I was also a long time Sprint 600-650 user before upgrading to the 700wx in mid-December. After about four weeks of usage I would recommend it with a couple of caveats:

    1) E-mail support on Windows Mobile absolutely stinks compared to ChatterEmail. This has been a big problem for me because ChatterEmail was so stable and flexible. There is an application called Flexmail that should take care of this problem when they release their next version any day now.

    2) The learning curve was not small. I had to really work at doing even simple operations one handed while driving.

    3) Silly little things like threaded SMS message conversations, and snapping a picture and sending it to another phone don't work without software patches.

    The crummy e-mail support is a big problem for me, but if you have an Exchange Server or simple e-mail expectations it might not be a problem for you at all.

    There are a number of inexpensive, easy-to-find utilities that make up for deficiencies in the user interface.

    Also, I live in a place with good EVDO coverage. Once you get that you'll never look back. On the Park City ski slopes I can get 400k type speeds and with PDAnet I can use it at that speed as a modem for my notebook.

    This is by far the most stable Treo that I've owned. It has never spontaneously reset itself. The only manual resets I've done were required due to a software install or configuration change.

    Hope that helps you.
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    Exposure to WM5 now might be time well spent. Then, in about two years, when the iPhone settles in, you might reconsider. The resolution difference bothers me a little.
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    Quote Originally Posted by copernicus View Post
    Exposure to WM5 now might be time well spent. Then, in about two years, when the iPhone settles in, you might reconsider. The resolution difference bothers me a little.
    Based on what I have seen about the iPhone so far, and with Apples tight fist on 3rd party apps, and the fact that I will never switch to Cingulair/ATT/(call it whatever you want to it still same BS), really not interested in the iPhone. Given how easily iPods scratch, batteries die, etc., not expecting much from the first gen either. Make sure you buy and extended warranty/replacement plan because the iPods sure need(ed) them.
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    Make the jump - you will NOT regret it.
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    I started with a Sprint Treo 600, then had the ppc-6700 for about a year, and now just bough a 700wx - though I contemplated getting a 700p. So far I love it. I do miss the Palm OS UI, but there other factors that outweigh that for me.

    As for stability, I've had the thing for a week now and it has yet to require a reboot. (this is with direct-push operating 24x7) My 6700 needed a reset every couple of days!

    Whatever mojo Palm did to WM5 is very apparent and worthwhile - in my opinion it's the only WM5 device out there that I would call "usable." (well, I'm sure the Treo 750 is too)
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    I moved a couple of weeks ago from a long time 650. It was hard to make the jump, but now I feel like an ***** for waiting so long (it wasn't worth the extra savings of the rebates).

    This phone is so much better than the Palm OS in the ways that really matter. Just multi-tasking is reason enough to switch. The network speed is reason enough. The better out-of-the-box email, the better web browser, the better customizability, etc, etc...

    If I see someone with a 650 now, I feel sorry for them.
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    I was a bit ticked with all the quirks with my 700p so I traded for a 700 w. I REALLY gave it my best shot. I wanted to like it. I read the entire manual, asked lots of questions on the TC board, etc.

    the w is just not nearly as easy to use as the p. Not even close. The "multitasking" is way overrated. It had the same lag and lockups as the p. Some were better, some were worse. The screen is no comparison. WMP is just a pain to work with. Making a calender appointment was tedious. the apps available were so cumbersome and unfriendly compared to palms. Even downloading them was harder. The email was AWFUL compared to chatteremail. I am back with Palm.
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    I agree with treo650man... I had the 650 for about 10 days... sent it back. Went back to my Palm T5 and my verizon moto 710. Upgraded to a palm TX and verizon moto e-815.... now I have the sprint 700wx... it is really nice. Did not take me long to "get win mobi." Actually, it was fairly easy to jump in and find my way around. Setting up email is easy... no manual. Getting around and setup is done in "Settings." Your programs are in "Programs." LOL... not that complicated.

    I use IMAP, so my email works like a charm... it is not "push" but if I miss an email by 5 or 10 minutes no one dies. IMAP is simple to setup... and the folders are easy to understand, keeping your accounts like in regular outlook.
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    The Treo 700wx is far more stable than my 700p. I have not experienced one involuntary reset using it, my 700p on the other hand almost does this daily. I'm amazed at how great the 700wx turned out to be.
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