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    I got a call during a meeting yesterday and it was from my partner's office line. I quickly hit the ignore with text option, not realizing that I was not sending to a mobile phone. I got a message back saying:

    "Your message was addressed to a landline (#). Send msgs to a landline # using Sprint's Text to Landline service! Std rates apply"

    So I was basically like, ok, whatever, and didn't do anything, turning my screen off, and then this came in:

    "Your message was successfully delivered to an answering machine or voicemail at (#) Thanks for using Text to Landline!"

    So if I didn't do anything else, and it sent a message automatically for me, how much was I charged for this? If I have a messaging plan with 300 SMS messages, does it come out of that? And has anyone else used this or seen this message?

    I don't like the fact that my phone is making decisions for me now, although if I just embrace that fact, life could become much easier...
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    Sprint has had this for about a year now (there are a few threads about it here and there in the forums).

    Yes, it will count toward your SMS for the month.
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    Thanks - I didn't see anything in here about it when I looked. Sorry for the post, then mates!
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    For me it works quite nice (I'm deaf) and as said its charged as regular SMS would.
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    Damn, verizon charges a quarter for one of those.
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