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    I saw this great deal on ebay where I could get a 700WX for basically nothing. Currently I have an account with sprint with 1 line with a $200 spending limit. For me to take upon this deal, my account would have to be 0 spending limit/0 deposit. How would I be able to up my spending limit to 0?
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    You're spending limit and deposit are both based on your credit score and payment history with Sprint. They also can't be changed at the drop of a hat either.
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    when i first started my account and contract 2 years ago, i had a spending limit of $200 and 0 deposit and just recently maybe about 2 months ago i somehow was transferred to a sprint credit check over the phone and they ran my credit again n came out 0 spending/deposit. If I cancel my current account and have them run my credit again, will my spending limit reflect from the new credit score since my credit is better than when i first started?
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    I'm sorta confused. In your OP, you said that your current spending limit is $200, and that in order to take advantage of the eBay offer, you need to have unlimited spending. Then in your 2nd post, you said that you recently found out that you have unlimited spending.
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    yeah they re-ran my credit which shows my CURRENT credit, ill have 0 spending/deposit. but the current credit wont replace what credit i had when i first opened up my account.
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    How do you go about finding out what your spending is. I signed up for Sprint and that was never discussed or explained?

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