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    just wondering if you can manually program 750 to only run on GPRS instead of power hungry 3G, can you program it to 3G as needed? My understanding is that this was possible with WM5 smartphone Samsung Blackjack
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    Settings -> Phone Settings -> Services tab -> Band Selection -> Change "Select network type" from Auto to GSM.

    Personally though I think it would be silly to do this. 3G uses the most power when transferring data. So you get faster data quicker or slower data for a longer time. Also the phone quality is noticeably better on UMTS than on GSM.
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    There's an app called BandSwitch on in the Hermes forum. You have to regster/sign in to see attachments, but the program works great on the Treo. I have it pinned to my Start Menu and it's VERY easy/fast to switch.

    And switching to GSM only mode will save quite a bit of battery life. Turn on 3G when you're using heavy data, turn it off if you don't need it/the voice quality.
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    Can you please provide "***** proof" instructions on how to install Bandswitch?

    I've got the cab and can run it, and it shows to be installing but what do I do next?

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    it should be in your programs list...
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    I tried installing again and there it is ... nice! Cool little program.

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