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    My current setup has my phone syncing with the PC for contacts and calendar and notes and syncing with exchange server for email.

    Are people syncing the full slate with exchange server? What does Activesync do when you dock to your cradle with this setup (if everything under Tools -> Options is checked for Exchange Server and nothing for PC)?
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    I have all 4 selected. First sync after a hard reset is super fast, the way WM communicates w/Exchange Server is much faster than the way it communicates w/a PC in my opinion.

    When you connect the PC for the first time, and you already have an exchange server set up, by default those 4 fields are not checked to sync with the PC. I left it that way. During PC sync, Activesync connects to the Exchange Server also, and it first syncs your exchange data, then the fields that are selected to sync with the PC. Very nice actually, and I am very happy with the way this operates.
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    I echo LittlePat - I use EAS for as much as it can, and then local ActiveSync for Notes, Windows Media, ewallet, my Sync Files folder, etc.

    And I agree that this intelligent way that ActiveSync has of knowing what stuff you want to sync with the server, and what with your PC - is really great.

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