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    explain to me how this works. does the rom updates come from palm, htc, or the carrier (sprint or version)?

    if the rom updates come from palm, i dont uderstand how thay could do this.

    the treo 700p was released at the end of may. then the 700wx, 680, 750v, 750 cingular. none of these phones have had any updates. now there looks like a release of the verizon 700wx .

    when do thay stop releasing new devices and start fixing the ones thay got? i would hate to have been one of the 700p users that have been waiting almost 8 months for an update.

    will we see a 700p upgrade before the wx?
    what is the avarage update time for other devices/carriers?
    has anyone heard anything about the 700p or wx updates at all? when or why?

    i just hate not knowing.

    thnaks, cody
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    I think if anyone would have heard anything they would have posted the info...

    I guess they don't worry about fixing what they have unless it it urgent because they are still selling... and not many complain about issues. Seems like a lot of people here because this is a treo board.

    But I also have an old palm TX that has a couple of issues that palm has known about since 2005, but they have not released a fix.

    I just purchased my palm 700wx... I'm simply looking at it to do what I need to do and nothing more.... (data and light phone use). Other than that I don't look for updates from palm. If they come nice, but I don't look for them.

    Not like we have a ton of choices here... and that is what *really* sucks.
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    First the manufacturer creates the update (Palm, not HTC. HTC is the hardware manufacturer, Palm is the software manufacturer), then it goes to the carriers for testing. After testing it is released.

    Usually, treo updates are extremely tight-lipped until they are released, so who knows when/if we'll see one.

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