I know this has been discussed before time and time again. I finally found a place that could successfully unlock my cingular branded treo 750. Imei-check. Even they said they were having trouble. I spent money on 3 places total in trying to get this beast unlocked. I used a T-Mobile Network Customizations.cab file that I've been using since the days of my MDA (at least for about a solid year) with every device. I'm on a blackblerry plan via T-Mobile and I cannot get mms to work for the life of me. I noticed that my attempts of getting the mms to work cause the plague of the "answering modem has disconnected" error. Which causes me to have to turn the wireless off and then turn back on again to regain my internet. I have no idea what would cause this but yes I used the search function on 3 seperate boards including this one and found the same post about " T-Mobile MMS settings from level 3 tier rep!" lol. I wonder if it has something to do with my plan? while at the same time it shouldn't because mms worked flawlessly on other PDA devices: MDA, blackberry pearl. I did run into this problem previously on my TyTN/Hermes/Cingular 8525, but the only way to figure it out was to switch devices. Hence is why I grabbed the treo. I really like this device but without mms its a no go. I have my unlocked overly customized Cingular 8125 sitting right here next to me and its looking tempting. As well as that new JAQ 3/4 from IPAQ. Help save a Treo's life. It goes bye bye within an hour or so.