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    I told my wife I would buy her a new Treo 750 if she would get rid of her razr and 650 Treo.

    She loves the razr for a phone and the Treo for her PDA.

    I told her the Treo 750 is much better as a phone then the Razr.

    Am I right?

    Is the Treo 750 a better phone then the Razr?
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    you are right Hoot, the Razr is crap...i dont believe that they still sell that...well i just love my 750, i had them all a Razr, 650, 8125....and the 750 is the best of both pda and phone worlds in one.....
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    Well let's not go crazy here. The Razr is a slim, sleek phone and that's all it is. It does what it's supposed to do without soft resets, installing apps, etc, etc.

    Now, as to why your wife has both a Razr and a 650 which is a phone also, is beyond me. If she wants an all-in-one solution then a 750 might be the answer. Also keep in mind that your wife may (I say MAY) find WM more complex than the Palm OS on the 650.

    If the all in one solution is what she wants, have her give the 750 a spin. If she wants a no-nonsense phone without any maintenance issues, let her keep her Razr and pick up a cheap stand-alone PDA like a Palm or HP device.
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