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    Is there any way to change soft buttons. I know you can do it on palm, can you do the same on WM? By soft i mean the two options that shows up at the bottom of the screen on your home page.
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    There are some registry edits that can change the soft keys. Do a search for change soft keys and you'll find a bunch of threads.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    ok i found an app that does that. but for some reason i can't change the right soft key. I want to change it so it will activate camera. but it always stays on menu. I am able to change the left one no problem
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    i allways thought that just the left one could be changed. although in this thread there are reg edits for both. it does look like the guys is having problems though.

    also in that thread people claim that tweeks2k does both soft keys. tweeks2k does have a trial version so you could try.

    hope this helps, cody
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    Last I heard there was NO way to modify the right softkey, only the left. On Treo's specifically, due to the Palm customizations.
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    yeah thats what i just figured out myself. lol i can live with the left one but...
    when you bring it up you can two options now camera and messaging. when i click on messaging it goes to a regular message, not the threaded sms. is there a way i can change that.

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