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    I have now had the 750v for a few months. One of the things I have discovered, is that the less the better. Initially I loaded it will all kinds of apps, mostly recognized ones like Pocket Informant, Pocket Breeze, FlexMail etc. It did not take me too long to remove them as they are lacking. However, I also found that more apps meant more potential problems. I have done 2 hard resets in the past few months to clear everything and start from scratch. Yesterday, ActiveSync would not work, and I could not figure out why. Hard reset solved that problem.

    Now, the only 3rd party apps I have are MemMaid and UI Tweaker. I am waiting for the finished iambic Agendus for WM, and in the meantime, the included Contacts/Calendar apps work fine. Most important, my device is fast and works perfectly. Web based apps like Google Maps or Live Search should be less problematic.

    So, WM has multitasking, but it is still not as robust as should be expected. The fact that you need tools like MemMaid or SK Tools confirms the above.

    So my advice to most people other than experienced hackers is to try to keep it simple, and take some time to consider whether you really need that application.
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    I couldn't agree more.

    I have had 3 different windows mobile devices and all three ran worse the I put one them. that can be a problem with all the great software out there.

    what I do is look at the things I use everyday. then I look at the things I just every other day. if it lust one of those cool apps I would use on some special occasion then I don't use it. I may keep the cab uninstalled on the storage card just in case, but the least I have the better it runs.
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    yep so true.. agreed.
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    I agree completely. I see people loading up tons of apps but almost everyone I've seen affects stability. Part of this is the old Windows architecture when executables and libraries get sprayed all over the directories, apps are not very isolated so they end up affect the overall system stability.
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    I have to agree too. I used to load a bunch of stuff on my PPC's and eventually I'd have to hard reset cause one app wouldn't play well with others.

    It's interesting... you would think PPC's would be able to handle more apps and we shouldn't have to be so "delicate" with the apps we load on them.

    I almost give kudos to Apple for limiting third party development of apps for the iPhone. It could be viewed that they're avoiding potential problems with apps that could cause the iPhone to crash. Just my opinion though
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    i also have to join this agreement...when i first got my 750 i just tweeked and loaded all kinds of stuff on it...had to reset once and it just acted crazy after what i did was return it for a new one...with my new 750 i just loaded what i use...task plus, calendar plus, and rhinostat...all for my today screen...
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    Well, I am going to half-heartedly agree. I got a boat-load of things on my 750 like iLauncher, PocketBreeze, Weather Panel, Flexmail, SmallMenu, Pocket Informant, and various other apps and my device is just fine. My KJAM and now the 750 is doing just fine. My problem is caused by the various beta's that I install and uninstall. Otherwise, if I waited for the release version of the software, I would probably be better off.
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