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    Last week I was forced to buy a 750 at full price since my 650 died (ok, i killed it by leaving it on top of my car after buying gas) and my contract wasn't near enough to get discounts. I figured i'll return the one to cingular and get the unlocked one from palm since it should cost the same amount and is "better" for resale value, if i decide to do so. I have only 30 days to return to cingular assuming i don't mess up and scratch it or something.

    Any guesses based on previous experience when you think the 750 may actually be available and how possible it will be for me to get one? Do they normally release on certain days of the week? Is the initial release usually just a preorder but shipping at some future time? Do they usually meet their promised offering dates? When it comes available should I order it online or call them or perhaps go to the palm store in my airport? What's your best guess based on previous experience? I've not followed much in the way of previous releases, but maybe you have?

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    I am still hearing from the guys at the palm store that NO unlocked version is going to be released anytime soon. They expect to get the Cingular phones maybe this week. Again I would not hold your breath!
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    it says on the palm store site, end of January.
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    I stopped at the Palm store in Atlanta airport on my way home Friday. They also said the last week of this month...

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    Thanks. I do know what it SAYS. It's the same thing the people on the phone say. But i want to know if people think it will REALLY happen. Some companies are better than others at actually meeting their announced deadlines. I'm not sure anyone will believe Vista is actually coming out until they see it on the store shelves. Got the idea? And what kind of commitment is "late January" anyway? Can't they do better than that? How about saying January 28 or something. Just seems lame that they can't give a better estimate than that at this point. That is part of the reason i sort of am questioning their ability to deliver on their promise. They can't even make good promises...

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