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    Hello all. Questions about a couple of the reg edits in these forums: (using PHM Reg Editor)

    Cant seem to get this one to 'stick'. I added the Keys key, but the 112 and open keys wont stay and it never works. What am I doing wrong??

    I am running WM5NewMenu and have to do some screwing around after a soft reset to que it up again. I was trying to add it to the left soft key using the first reg edit so it would just show up via reg push. Any ideas or help on this would be appreciated.

    "Change the application launched by Today screen Soft Keys

    To change the application launched by the Today screen Left soft key:
    HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Today\Keys\112\Open = "\Windows\Calendar.exe" (REG_SZ string, including quotes)

    To change the title of the Left soft key:
    HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Today\Keys\112\(Default) = Calendar (REG_SZ string, no quotes)

    To change the application launched by the Today screen Right soft key:
    HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Today\Keys\113\Open = "\Windows\Calendar.exe" (REG_SZ string, including quotes)

    To change the title of the Right soft key:
    HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Today\Keys\113\(Default) = "Calendar" (REG_SZ string, no quotes)

    Note that 113 normally doesn't exist by default, and probably needs to be created Also note that there is at least 1 application that allows you to set these through a GUI, developed by FdcSoft called SoftKeyAppletEx"

    Tried this one as well with the same 'didnt work' results:

    "Put custom text on bottom-right of Today screen

    You can set some piece of text on the bottom-right of the Today Screen by setting the following key:
    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Shell\DeviceBeta\Today = "Hello World" (REG_SZ string, no quotes)

    Please note that this text won't take up Today item text. It will be obscured by Today items."

    But, I have successfully used the no SMS notification and add am/pm to the clock edits with no issue.
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    Not for nothing, but if you really want to do this easily, you may want to grab Tweaks2K2. It's so easy to do this kind of thing, you can spend that time doing something else with your phone. Believe me, there's some things that you need to get in there with a regedit and go for broke with. Stuff like changing softkeys, use this...

    Get it here.

    I've been using it for over two years, and I love it.
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    Not really looking for all that other stuff but thanks for the reference.

    Is there a way to accomplish the above without the tweaks deal??
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    In this registry key you can find all the items that appear in the 'New' menu on the Today screen:


    These are the programs that automatically start when performing a soft reset:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shell\Start Items

    What about this one?? I go into this key, start items, and see a bunch of stuff:
    camera, excel mobile, file explorer, messaging.... and more.....

    Question is, can I delete some of these to save some ram??
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    Ok, so Im being ignored. Does anyone have any answers or ideas for the above??
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