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    It looks like I cracked the LCD screen and I have black marks on the screen. I purchased Fair Trade insurance which does not cover damages. Can this be repaired, who would I send it to, and would it be cheaper to just buy another phone???

    Any help, suggestions would be appreciated. Other than the damaged screen, the phone works fine..


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    Try adding insurance, wait a few days (while continuing to use the phone), and file a claim.
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    I would contact Palm and/or your carrier to see what the screen replacement options are in place and their cost. This would certainly be cheaper than a new device.

    Once you have your unit repaired, I would look into full coverage insurance. On Sprint, we pay $7 a month for extended warranty repair/replacement ($3) and all peril loss or damage replacement ($4) with a $50 deductible. The all peril piece of this coverage just went up this month from $3 to $4 -- probably due to overuse or fraud. Anyway, even at $7, the piece of mind is great.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaiguy View Post
    Try adding insurance, wait a few days (while continuing to use the phone), and file a claim.
    you do realize that is fraud dont you?
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    of course he does. that's the reason why the insurance is so steep for those of us who don't dropkick our phone everytime we want an upgrade
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    The problem I see is, it looks like this insurance is only available when you activate the phone... 15 days after, not eligible.
    Not gonna help me.


    Paul G
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    sprint is 30 days. this is where the biggest amount of fraud is. people would try to insure a broken phone and then get it replaced.

    nextel was famous for this. even if the phone didn't work, people would put sim I another device for a while and make it look like it was still working. then make the claim later.

    what I would consider doing is going to a service and repiar center and seeing how much it would cost ya. I would think that even a sprint service and repair center would/could work on it since you would be paying full price for the repair. worth calling around.

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