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    I can't find any references to this problem, but maybe someone can help me.

    Since I've gotten my Treo 700wx (about 2 weeks ago), I've been having issues with missed calls. At first I thought I just wasn't hearing it ring, but now I've been able to reproduce the problem while calling myself from another phone. It seems that under certain conditions the phone doesn't ring, even though a call is coming in. The phone however, is aware of the call because the an entry is shown within the "Missed Call" log. When I've reproduced the problem myself, I've turned the phone on right after getting voicemail on the other phone. After I enter my password the phone begins to play the ringtone (one of the default installed sounds), but stops abruptly. It seems this only happens after the phone has sat for a few minutes without being used (time to re-lock maybe?).

    While my testing has been done with the phone on the AC power, I've noticed missed calls while on battery that I could swear I was around when they occured.

    Has anyone experience this before? Maybe know of a fix?
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    are you in a 1x area?

    do you use push email?

    this has happened to me as well a couple of times.

    search for the activesync server sync hack or set your setting to sync manualy if yoy use push. this has helped me.
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    I got my phone January 5th. I think I have been having that problem too. The phone will ring 1 time then it will stop. I don't remember the phone showing the missed call icon so I have to go to the missed call log to see if I'm hearing thigs.
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    this does happen in areas with incorrectly configured towers occasionally. it happened to me with a sanyo 8300 and a treo 600 once...

    if you have another sprint phone do tests with that. also see if your phone works at other towers in the area.

    finally (don't know if this helps) not a bad idea to update your PRL incase the bad tower is removed in the latest update.

    if none of that works, time to look at your phone.

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