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    Here's some more feedback for anyone looking into Bluetooth headsets.

    I purchased a Plantronics Discovery 665 a week ago at my local Sprint store. It came in a logoed, yellow Sprint box with the words "Sprint Tested. Sprint Certified." on back of the box. The sales guy said "it works great with the 700wx." I didn't believe him for a minute, but I'm a sucker for new headsets, especially one with some new Digital Signal Processing software that should cut down the ambient noise.

    On the plus side:

    1) It's very light and comfortable.

    2) The optional ear hook is a strong, thin wire that doesn't interfere with my glasses or get painful after a few hours.

    3) It comes with three sizes of "Soft Gel Ear Tips" to accommodate different sizes/shapes of ears.

    4) Sound quality, for both me and the person on the other end, seems better than my (many) previous headsets.

    But on the downside:

    1) The headset seems to get disconnected from the phone sometimes. Not unpaired, just not communicating with the phone I think. Randomly I can't answer a call with the headset call button. Just yesterday I was on a call with the headset for about 20 minutes with no problem. After hanging up I tried to make another outgoing call but the headset would not connect no matter what I tried. (Actually had to hold the phone to my head like way back in the 90's.) After finishing the call and investigating further I realized that the headset wouldn't even turn off. No matter how long I held the call button the thing wouldn't turn off. A little later while talking on the phone again I was playing with the headset and it did turn off, and then it even let me continue the existing call with the headset.

    2) I hate the BRIGHT blue light that blinks on my ear every 5 seconds. I could use this thing to signal search planes next time I get lost in the mountains. Why does any manufacturer think we want to walk around with BRIGHT lights blinking on our heads??? If they really want a light why don't they make a subtle, small (elegant even) light facing the ear, or facing up so it doesn't illuminate the person in the passenger seat or make distracting reflections on car windows at night? Other drivers have been pulling over when they see my BRIGHT blue flashing light come up behind them. Sorry, had to rant for a minute there in case anyone responsible for this stupidity happens to be doing customer research.

    3) The call and volume buttons are on the outside and hard to press. So you have to mash the headset into your ear whenever using a button. Why don't they put the buttons on the top side so we can use our handy opposable thumb to compensate for the pressure of pushing the buttons?

    The manual gives a phone number for the Plantronics Technical Assistance Center. I had a knowledgeable sounding person within 30 seconds. She said two interesting things. First, that the Treo 700wx is NOT one of the phones recommended for this headset by Plantronics. She didn't know why Sprint would sell it for a Treo. Second, the reason it wouldn't turn off was probably because it was stuck communicating with the phone and the phone software had not released the headset. Not sure if that's a reasonable explanation, but I had already decided that it wasn't simply a bad switch.

    So the bottom line is that I'm going to keep it for a few more days to see if I can find a pattern to the connection problems. If there's a pattern to its behavior maybe there's a way to live with it. Then all I need is some black paint to fix the blinking light.
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    This is fuuny. When I was looking at the 665 at a Sprint Store it wouldn't connect to my treo. Has anyone else been able to use this headset or do I need to find the 655?
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    i have one but had the same problem with it losing the connection like redhat but there are other times it stays connected all day or reconnects fairly quickly. sometimes it wont reconnect to save its life but i like it
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    Mine seems to be working fine now. I too had the same problems discussed here but they are gone now. When I first paired the device, only hands free profile showed up. When I went back in to the settings and refreshed, I saw both hands free and headset. I had no idea which one to use so I selected both. This seems to have caused me problems even though the 665 is suppose to support both profiles. Now I repaired and only selected hands free. It seems to work fine now. In the last week it lost connection a couple of times but all I had to do was press the call button once on the headset and it repaired immediately. Sound quality seems pretty good but only had a fake moto h700 to compare it to.

    Side note: We really need to get our bluetooth drivers updated on these wx phones. I sure hope sprint/palm release something to fix these problems. I'm hoping the new verizon wx will have a2dp, bt voice dialing, and problem free bluetooth that we can grab for our sprint wx phones. Wishful thinking?
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    yeah i wish plam had their $hit together as far as bluetooth but for now the darkside with the q will be fine but i miss my touch screen lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by redhat View Post
    2) I hate the BRIGHT blue light that blinks on my ear every 5 seconds.
    Not sure if you figured this out or not, but there is a way to disable the blinking blue light. It is described on Plantronic support pages, and was also in a one page 'quickstart' guide that was in the packaging. (it was not mentioned in the full manual.) Here's the procedure:
    With the headset OFF, press both the volume Up button and the control (power) button for two seconds to turn on the headset. That disables the blue light. Repeat the procedure to re-enable it. The setting survives power off/on, which is very nice - once you disabled it, it stays disabled.

    Now, there is a tricky part to that procedure, I had to try several times to get it to work: You can't press and hold the volume up button, and then press the power button (like you would a shift key). That doesn't work, and I tried many times, and got a little frustrated that it wouldn't work. Then I tried pressing the volume up and the power button at precisely the same time, and letting go of them at the same time, when the blue light flashed to show power on (about two seconds). That worked.

    BUT: That only disabled the online blue light (the headset is in use - 10 second blink), NOT the standy (5 second) blink. The website says it disables both the online and the standby blink, but I can not get the standby blink to go away. if anybody has figured out that trick, let me know.

    Besides the annoyance of the blinking, I would guess it would have to increase the battery life, if only slightly.

    Quote Originally Posted by redhat View Post
    2)After finishing the call and investigating further I realized that the headset wouldn't even turn off.
    I had this happen, too. Frustrated me for about a half hour while I pressed every combination and sequence of the three buttons I could think of, in and out of the charger, and powered off the bluetooth on my Treo (650), and even rebooted the Treo, and removed the battery to keep it off for several minutes, while trying to power off the headset. it just blinked at me every 5 seconds, no response. Then I deleted the device in my Treo, and then re-paired it, which it did VERY quickly (a few seconds all total), and I assumed that it did not actually communicate with the headset at all, but just re-enabled the device profile that was somehow still stored on my Treo. I did not put the headset into pairing mode, as it would not respond to any key presses at all, so I assumed that I would not be able to pair it, even though the Treo had me re-enter the passkey code (0000). But, a minute or two later, the bluetooth icon on my Treo reversed, showing connectivity, and it worked fine after that. I'm not sure if deleting the profile made a difference, or if it was just coincidence.

    Maybe the headset somehow went into permanent pairing mode or something, waiting for the phone to complete the pairing process. That's the only scenario I can think of for it. Anybody else experience this?

    Other than that, I like this headset a lot - easily the best of 5 or 6 bluetooth headsets i've used over the past few years. (I keep losing or misplacing them! I hope I can keep from losing this one!)

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    Back in January when I got mine there was no quickstart guide in the package and even the Plantronics support reps didn't know about it, so that must be a new/upgraded feature.

    I returned it because I never could get it working correctly. But now my trusty old Sony-Ericsson HBH-660 is starting to quit on me so I have to find a replacement. Maybe I'll try the Plantronics again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redhat View Post
    Back in January when I got mine there was no quickstart guide in the package and even the Plantronics support reps didn't know about it, so that must be a new/upgraded feature.

    I returned it because I never could get it working correctly. But now my trusty old Sony-Ericsson HBH-660 is starting to quit on me so I have to find a replacement. Maybe I'll try the Plantronics again.
    Don't bother trying it again. I just had mine replaced by Plantronics thinking that maybe it was my headset but this headset still disconnects from the phone. The only one that I have found to work is the Moto H-700.
    Palm Treo 700w > VZW Treo 700wx
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    moto h-700 is good, but the plantronics voyager 510 with noise cancellation and multi-pairing option is hands down the best headset for the money.... go to in the bluetooth forum and check out the will not be disappointed considering what a pain in the *** it is to find a headset that is compatible with the treo 700w(x)
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    I have the same headset with the same problem. I currently use the Motorola H9 and I don't have any problems, through my experience Motorola has been the best. I own the Samsung WEP200, the Plantronics 665 & 320. The Motorola works the best.
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    I have had a Palm, of one stripe or another, since about 1997. I like the Palm. I loved my wireless net enabled i705, until the Palm net service closed down. But the Treo has been a big disappointment.

    I believe that the problems with the Plantronics 665 are not the headset's problem, but the Treo's. I have used the 665 with all three of my cell phones, and only had problems with the Treo. I have used my car's bluetooth with all three of my phones (as well as my girlfriend's) and have only had problems with the Treo. The Treo is the only Bluetooth phone I have had that won't talk to my PC, because it does not support file transfer. The Treo is the only phone I have had in many years that did not include voice dialing, which is a very big option (for me) with a Bluetooth headset. The Treo is the only phone in 20 years of cell phone usage that does not have numbered speed dialing. I could go on and on.

    There are a lot of posts here, blaming various headsets because they don't work well with the Treo, when it appears that people should be blaming the Treo because it doesn't work well with perfectly good headsets. Even the flashing blue light, that I documented could be disabled, but that only stopped flashing when online, but still flashed in standby? Turns out that was a Treo issue as well. Works fine on my other two phones, no flashing blue light when in use or standby. It appears that the Treo just disconnects from the headset when you are not in a call, which puts the headset into search mode, which turns the blue light back on, because now it is NOT in standby or online mode, because the Treo turned off its Bluetooth connection. This is probably also why people have complained about delays of the headset connecting to the Treo. Again, it's the Treo's poor or incomplete Bluetooth implementation, not the headset's.

    So, the headset is working fine, it's the Treo that's not. It appears that that might really be the cause of all the disconnect issues that are referenced in this, and other, threads. So this complaint is a little like complaining that the latest version of MS Office won't work on my Commodore 64. Okay, a little bit of exaggeration there, but the point is that the Palm, while a breakthrough device last century, has not really been kept up to date in this century. To expect this century's devices (i.e. Bluetooth) to work well with it is unreasonable. The Palm was a great device, and I will miss it, but it appears that it was a device for the 90s, and Palm, Inc. (or whoever controls the OS after all the mergers, acquisitions, and de-mergers - I've lost track) isn't interested in keeping it up to date.

    So, my plan is to keep the Plantronics 665. It is a 2.0 device, so it is state of the art. It fits and stays in my ear great. The sound is better than any I've used before. I am mostly using it on my Motorola Phone now anyway. I am holding out hope that the iPhone will live up to its hype and finally be the merger of Phone/PDA/Internet appliance it is being hyped as. The Treo isn't, but I am not going to blame the 665 because it doesn't work well with the Treo. I'll just replace the Treo with something that works well in the 21st Century.


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