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    Just got the wx last night after being a 650p user these last couple years. So far so good! However, one of the things I liked about the palm calendaring was in the monthly view where you could could color code a category. I.e. I could look at the monthly view and see a red mark on a particular date and I knew I had a court appointment or a blue mark meant a meeting at the office etc. etc.

    While playing around with the wx I didn't see how I could color cordinate categories in view. Is it possible? Or could anyone suggest any programs that are out there?

    Thanks for your time...
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    The calendar is pretty lame. There are several ways around it. There are some apps that replace the built in Pocket Outlook PIM functions. I use Pocket Informant from Webis. It's kind of like Agendus for the Palm. Lots more functionality.

    There are also several Today Screen apps...some free...that allow viewing and also directly modifying PIM data. I use SBP Diary. SBSH Pocket Breeze is another. With Diary, I hardly every leave the today screen.

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