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    I am so happy to report that my 750 worked very smoothly at Nagoya airport in Japan on the way to Taipei!
    Finally I merged 2 phones (3rd phone for Korea to be done in 2 weeks!)

    However, I encounter one big problem.
    The dial number to get in international, and domestic call differ among carriers.

    For instance, all my contact data is wrtten, based on USA, i.e.
    for domestic: (area code) +(number for domestic),
    for overseas: (011)+(country code)+(number).
    But in GSM countries,
    I have to begin with (+)+(country code)+ (number) for US domestic, and
    just (number) for whoever lives in local where I call out.

    Then Japan, S. Korea, Gosh, I forgot which code I used for internal service...

    so far what I did stupidly was
    writing down the number on the paper by reading contact,
    then typing in that number with header manually according to the each local country rule.

    Is there any way to do that automatically, as at least local time and date is adjusted at carrier connection automatically?
    Why not the phone number then...
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    It's pretty easy... + is the worldwide GSM international access code. So in my phonebook all my numbers start with + so that it doesn't matter where I am, the call goes through.
    For example... all my domestic US numbers are in my phone book as +1AAAPPPPPPP (a=area code p=phone number). My foreign numbers are stored as +CCPPPPPPPPP (c=country code p=phone number). So a London phone number would be stored as +442071111111. So whether I'm at home in the US, in Hong Kong or London, all of the calls goes through.
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    I have done the same thing for years. All my US numbers are +1-xxx-xxx-xxxx format. Works anywhere in the world.
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    What a great tip!
    Thanx a lot. I am going to change all the numbers accordingly

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