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    How do you cleanly uninstall a built-in program, such as Picsel PDF Viewer? Couldn't zoom in/out with Picsel and found that Adobe's mobile app is pretty good and free.

    Do you just delete the folder from \Program Files\ or is there other stuff?

    Sorry if this has been covered, but I searched the forums for this but couldn't find a thread.

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    if its not in the rom go to Start, Settings, System, Remove Programs
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    yeah, that was what I tried first but it's not in the list. It came pre-loaded on my Cingular phone and there's a folder for it in Program Files. I just don't really know how Windows Mobile works as far as installations if there are any other locations I'd need to clean out.
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    I am pretty sure you can zoom in & out. I think you hit the center Dpad, to swap between moving the doc left right up & down, to the zoom in / zoom out.

    At least thats how it works on the 700's with Piscal.
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    You can zoom in/out. Press the center button in to change modes.
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    Got it. Thanks for the tip. Still, the adobe reader is pretty nice.
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    You can't remove pre-installed software. You would have to flash your phone with a custom rom...

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