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    I am new here and did some searching but have found myself a bit confused. I am a sprint customer currently using the 650p. The only thing holding me back from the 700wx is texting.

    My question is what, if any program will allow me to text like i do with my palm with organized chat logs efficiently? Any links or screenshots would be appreciated.

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    yes, don't worry. with the added app you will text the same. with the new rom update you shouldn't even have to add the app. palm should include it then.
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    Could someone please PM me the latest cab file or direct me to a place to download it?

    Thanks for the help,
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    So does this method (in that linked thread) seem to be the most reliable and safe way to get threaded text messages? I just dont want to spend $400 on a 700wx and have something only partially work. I guess I am asking in simple terms, what are the pro's and con's of this method to a newbie?


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    the app works great. it's not perfect but pretty darn close. the only thing is that you will see an mms option. sprint doesn't do mms. the app was pulled from a treo that was on a carrier that did do mms. if you want to do mms that's a different app for a different day.

    just try it. if you like it, keep it. if you dont. hard reset and start over. if you dont like the wx in the 30 days return it as well.
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    Thank you for your help good sir.


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