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    looks like one more chance to get out of you sprint contract.

    who's jumping ship? if you do... tell us how it went when you called to cancel, and where and what are you going to next.

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    Well, if anyone had better prices on all-you-can-eat data, I might think about leaving, but...

    seeing as how no one does, I think I'll stick around... plus, barring the 750 on Cingular, what could possibly best our old gal?

    I've been around that block before... I'm staying here.
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    I have absolutely no reason to leave sprint although the in network changes with ATT do make things a little more appealing. To bad their data speed in my area sucks and Sprint has ben rock solid. No reason to jump ship here.
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    I know no one can beat sprints rate plans. data for sure is the best price for the speed.

    my only problem is it seems that at least in 2006 everyone else had the cool phones. verizon first with the 700w for like 8 months, the Q, chocolate. cingular with the 750, balckjack, ect.
    if it weren't for tmobile, sprint would be the last to get the new phones. lol.
    I just hope sprint steps up with some good products this year.
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    They've always been like that in recent memory. I can't tell you how many times I was annoyed to see every other carrier (seemingly) getting sweet new handsets while we sat and waited patiently for a bone to get tossed our way.

    That's why I flipped out and bought the 6700 almost as soon as it came out, because it was, at the time, the newest, most powerful PPC phone on the market. I wasn't impressed with the 700w until long after its VZ introduction, and when the 700wx was announced, I was looking at it with new eyes. My 6700 was always a fantastic PDA and a SH%$&Y phone. I wanted the best of both worlds. And you know what? Since I got the 700wx, I haven't seen a device that suits my needs better. I looked at the Q for a while, and it's nice too, but nothing I have seen bests this phone yet, and despite the deluge of new devices coming out, it'll be a while before I think anything can.
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    Wonder why we couldn't get out of our contract and just go month to month. I'm sure there is a reason that it can't be done. Probably got a clause that says you have 30 days to do something (or something along that line) - but really, I think that is an option that we should have. Then they would have to entice you to re-up the contract.
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    There must be some truth to this. I just opened my account on 10/31/06 and it says online that my contract end date is 2/9/07. My second line which I ported at the same time has an end date of 10/31/08. So I am not sure if I will try it or not. I am tempted to go back bberry.
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    I too see no reason to jump off the Sprint bandwagon. True that VZ and Cingular get the best phones FIRST, but Sprint seems to come out with the good phones BEST. I wish Sprint supported SIM cards (so I can have a cheap phone and a PDA phone using the same account) like other carriers, but it does make sense for them to be so strict on phones that are useable on their network. Sprint's unlimited data plan price cannot be touched by any other carrier, which is something I NEED and refuse to part with, since I do more email than anything else (well, I do text messaging and light web browsing). And I just got a new job that uses Sprint's PPC-6700, yet I was told by a co-worker that they would pay for my service since I have the better 700wx phone!

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