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    I can't get WA2 to work, and now I can't even delete the thing. I get "Cannot delete 'lrshellex_old': There has been a sharing violation. The source or destination file may be in use." when I try to delete it via File Explorer. Now my Today screen is all screwed up

    How do I uninstall this buggy app? Thanx.
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    Why are you deleting it manually? Didn't you uninstall through Remove Programs from the Settings menu?

    Did you backup before installing WA2? Always backup when installing apps, this is a perfect example as of why. Even more with apps like WA2 that can be problematic sometimes.

    If you still have problems I'd find a programs that can kill processes (SK Tools, MemMaid) and kill whatever process is using that file so you can delete it. However, I still think it should have been uninstalled via the Remove Programs utility.
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    Yes I ended up stumbling on that. While I'm good with computers, I'm sticking to the stock stuff on the phone.

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