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    Hi Guys, I have always had PhoneALARM VERSION 1.56.1LITE and I just upgraded to version 1.58 LITE as I though it may fix the problem when I receive more than one voice mail message it will still only show one voice mail outstanding. Not that big of a deal, I installed version 1.58 and I having a problem where every time I receive a SMS it tells me that I received a voice mail. Now this is a known issue for version 1.57 but they say it was fixed with 1.58 but this is the first time I have had this problem and I had 1.56 in the past without ever having the problem. I have posted some messages on the PA website but have received no replies. Can canyone help or even provide me with version 1.56.1 lite as I copied over it when I downloaded 1.58lite...?
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    I have never had the issue where it says I got a voice mail when I got an SMS, so can't help you on that one.

    The VM number issue, IIRC I've heard (read) that it's a Sprint issue... not a PA issue. Apparently with our devices it only lets the unit know you have a voice mail but it does not tell the unit how many there are. Something like that...

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