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    Hello All -

    I've read a bunch of the threads about Wireless Sync and now have more questions than when I started. Can someone help me out?

    1) I use Outlook - am I to understand that Wireless Sync will not sync my PIM? That I'll still be required to connect to the ActiveSync for that? So, essentially, wireless sync is an email tool ONLY.
    2) I tried to download the PCMonitor thing and got an error message from Java (on 2 seperate PC's). Can I go elsewhere to get it?
    3) I connect to my corporate Outlook (or Exchange Server) using a VPN. Not all the time. Will Wireless Sync get the emails that arrived when I wasn't logged in and push them to me or only the emails that arrive while I'm logged in with PCMonitor on?

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    Bump - anyone?

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