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    Just incase anyone was wondering....

    Most deals they have where you get a discount on the phone make you upgrade to the 39.99 PDA Unlimited data plan. So since Im not eligable for an upgrade I found someone local selling 750's for 400. Went and got a new SIM, and cycled the phone a few times on the network.

    Now I got a sweet 750, and I havnt changed my contract. I checked the connection settings and the 750 is connecting to the same that my 650 was with MediaMax was.

    Then throw the speed hack on top of that and I went from avg. 350K to avg 800K.

    Ahhh.... unlimited 800K service for 20 bucks. You rock cingular

    Also this phone is awesome. I did alot of reading on here before buying but im seeing the pros WAY outweigh the cons. 240X240? Psh... so what. Ill take the 100X increase in internet speed.
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    100x increase...something was wrong if you only got 8k before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet View Post
    100x increase...something was wrong if you only got 8k before.
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    Well compaired to my 650 it might as well have been 8K, it wouldn't even stream 32K. But ya your right.. 10X faster
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    how can some of the less fortunate ones do this?

    I do not have a plan with cing.
    can I get a "regular" phone and get the medianet plan, then swap out sims with a 750v?

    $40 for data is too much for me, but $20 is ok.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MedicWill View Post
    ...I found someone local selling 750's for 400
    That is a heck of a price - care to share?
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    If you buy a 'regular' treo 750, yes you can add MediaMax from the cingular website.

    As far as the 750s for 400. I can get 2 more. I know a guy who closed down his cell store and just wants to get rid of them. They are legit.

    PM me if interested. I'd be willing to help.
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    Regarding getting data for 20 instead of 40, just got to a radioshack and have someone switch it there. I work for one and can tell you that probably 90 percent of the associates there wouldnt know the difference and would switch it no questions asked. Would probably have a lot better luck then going to a corporate store or agent, since they actually know the difference. Just a thought

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