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    Hello to all.

    I am in serious need of some email assistance.
    I use 2 Pop3 email accounts and also require a third solution for my corporate office gig.
    They have authorized me to use Goodlink but may require everyone in 6 months to go BB. I picked up the 750 the other day.
    I came from a Treo 600. Great device horrible phone.
    The 750 so far has been great in both respects.
    The prospect of being able to use BB connect was the main reason I got this device rather than go to the BB darkside already.

    Here is the problem.
    I installed Good 4.9. It took over my calendar and contacts like it did on the 600 but I have been unable to find the workaround like on did on that Palm OS device.
    What I am trying to do is retain my 2000+ contacts and personal calendar with out having them shared with corporate. We use Entourage on our Macs. I sync with a version of outlook running on Parallels that does not have email activated. I would like to use Good the way I did on the 600. Basically like an app that I would navigate when I needed it. The only thing I liked was that when I received an email it would notify me.
    Now with Good 4.9 the search function only does the corporate data base.
    I need to navigate to Outlook and then contacts to get to my personal contacts. The same with the calendar. Also when I receive or dial a personal # it is not recognized. When I add a new contact it goes to my corporate data base.
    I needeed to reset my phone and have not added Good yet. I love the way the phone operates naturally. I spoke with my IT department about my situation with Good and the were not of any use. They want to switch me to use Activesync instead.
    I really do not understand how that will work.
    I don't necessarily need push email. Checking every 15 minutes or so would be fine.
    Won't the activesync route do what I don't want it to do as far as calendar and contacts?
    Does anybody know hoew to circumvent Good?
    Will BB connect do the same kind of thing?

    Any assistance would be apprecaited
    Thank you
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    Have you checked out the Good form here on Treocentral?

    You might be able to get some answers or workarounds to your questions there, there at least 1 or 2 guys from Good who read the posts on a regular basis.
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    Sea Flipper
    Thanks I'll try that!

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