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    On my Contacts, on the Palm OS on my T650, I utilized the "Custom Fields 1-4 at the end of the Treo Contacts entry field to place alot of info. When I began synching to Outlook instead of Palm Desktop, that info transferred on my computer Outlook Contacts into the "all fields" as "User Fields 1-4". So that info was viewable on both Treo 650 and Outlook. Now that the info has synched into my 750, there are no equivelant fields so that info doesn't show up on the 750 (even though it shows up on my computer Outlook contact entry.) Do I need to physically move all that info to another field to synch into my 750, or is there a way to alter the fields on the 750 to provide the info a place to go? I hope so, otherwise I have a ton of reentry to do.

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    Yep, unless there's a 3rd party app (and there're a lot that I don't know about cuz I just got the thing) I'd start setting aside some time to copy and paste in Outlook so your contacts transfer to the 750; cuz I can't figure out any way to add fields to the 750's contacts editor either.
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    Slow down fellas... it takes a second but you can do it all with the supplied software.

    What I did for contacts was went to my palm desktop, exported the contacts using a common file type ( TXT ). Then just import to outlook and activesync.

    Now I just need to figure out how to transfer all my calender stuff for free...

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