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    This case was specifically designed and is only compatible with the Treo 750. At only 1.2mm thick, the Crystal Case is the slimmest we've ever produced. It offers great protection against scratches while adding very little bulk.

    The case is completely transparent, allowing you to showcase your Treo 750's iridescent blue color. The smooth exterior provides easy insertion and removal from your pocket or purse. For the best carrying option you can also pair it with our famous case holster. The case material is durable but flexible making it difficult to break!

    There are cut-outs for the audio jack, data port, speaker, MiniSD slot, keyboard and touch screen.

    This case has an innovative locking mechanism which provides protection and security for your device. Once closed, your Treo will remain safe and secure. And with small indentations around the clip areas, the case is easy to open.

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    Finally!!! :clapping:
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    Perfect timing. My order is in. Thanks Seidio!

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