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    Ok... I had this working in XP; but I am now running Windows Vista Business edition.

    I have downloaded the CDMA USB Modem inf file that has been modified for Vista.

    When I put the 700wx into modem mode and then connect it to the PC it recognizes it as a Palm Treo and says that it can not find any drivers. I have tried pointing it to the CDMA USB Modem.inf file but it says that it is not the correct drivers.

    Has anyone found any drivers for Vista that will allow us to use the 700wx as a modem?

    I have tried the PDAnet for Vista but have come across a problem. I am trying to use the 700wx as a modem to log into my companies VPN. Vista will not allow you modify the Windows Mobile Network Adapter that it creates when you sync with a Windows Mobile Device. The problem is that the VPN software requires a filter to be bound to the NIC in order to connect to the VPN. So, PDAnet will not work.
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    The thread here seems to be working for people but I'm running Vista Enterprise x64 and I'm having the same problem you've described with the driver listed in the other thread.

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