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    Whats the best case around for the 700w? I have searched ebay and they all kind of look the same to me. I was just wondering what you guys have or have seen that would be worth it.

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    Depends what you want. Different strokes for different folks. I went with this one and really like it.
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    I like the hard case from Palm. Got it from staples for 30-40 bucks I think.
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    I looked at the hard case from Palm and I was afraid of dropping the Treo if I got in a hurry placing it in the case, i.e., not closing the case completely.
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    I was looking for something where you can still see the screen without having to take the phone out. I.E. somthing like this:

    I should have specified this in my previous post, sorry. Thanks for any information.
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    How can you go wrong for $5? Although, we had something similar and the clip for the belt broke fairly quick. Not saying this one will.
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    I used one similar to it for about three years, purchasing them from CompUSA. My only complaint was that the plastic cover over the screen would eventually degrade and not allow me to accurately tap the screen. Specifically, tap here and it would really tap there. I now use a side-ways case (Palm's leather one) with a skin - and of course the clear screen protector thing.
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    Thanks; I apriciate the information.
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    I use Speck ToughSkin. A heavy rubber-like skin. About $20 on eBay.

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