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    I have a 750 on the way from cingular and am a former PalmOS user. I have found a number of great alternative apps for WM5 via these pages, but what is my best choice for a Chattermail replacement? From what i have read users are still waiting for a WM5 Chattermail-like program. Thanks...
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    I've had mine almost two weeks and so far I'm pretty pleased with the Pocket Outlook set up as an IMAP client. Working well for me. For comparison purposes, I was a 650 and Chattermail user before this.
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    There isn't one that comes close from what I've seen or read so far. Flexmail looks nice but have read it's terribly buggy.
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    Try Profimail, that might be your best bet...
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    I don't suppose you could run Chattermail within Styletap? Something tells me that is too serious a program to work in Styletap and/or it would be terribly slow. Is Flexmail 2007 intended to be exactly like Chatter if not for the kinks?
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    I am a former Chattermail user and I have been very pleased with push e-mail via Exchange server. I use the free service from mail2web for my exchanger server so I get my e-mail, contacts, and calendar sync'd over the air instantly. IMO it is a superior option to Chattermail. To respond to e-mails with your main e-mail address all you hve to do is set-up another account in Outlook to send from when it is absolutely necessary to respond from another e-mail address other than the one mail2web gives you. Another option is to pay $2 a month for that option and respond directly from your mail2web account.
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