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    Does anyone know if this can work ? I have a 2GB card at present, which appears to be FAT(16) formatted, which has a max capacity of 2GB. For the 4GB to work it would have to be FAT32, but does the 750v support this ?


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    I've spent some time trying to find out if the 4GB MiniSD cards will work in the Treo 750. Investigate Cingular, Palm and Sandisk. The consensus seems to be they won't. Especially the new Sandisk cards (according to Sandisk). However, I can't get a definitive document or technical reason and would sure like to know for certain.
    Hope the gurus on this site can enlighten.

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    Confirmed working...

    Treonauts comparison chart also shows that these work...

    Guess we need more confirmation.
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    So, I bought one sort of hoping it would work, whilst at the same time sort of expecting it would not.

    The 750v bleeps enthusiastically when you stick the card in, but cannot see it at all. 2GB (which seems to be formatted FAT) works. 4GB is formatted FAT32 and works fine in PC (via a miniSD -> USB converter).

    It does apppear from that other thread this is all a bit hit and miss. I wonder what guarantees a hit ???

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    I wonder if it needs to be formatted a different way per 8gb with 650, 680. Let me know if you learn anything...
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    Isn't FAT32 the only option ? I guess I can try formatting the card in some other device (i.e. other than a PC).


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    Formatting it on the Treo using something like Pocket Mechanic might work
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    FYI... Transcend 4gb minisd cards dont work.
    We really need to start a sticky of SD cards that do and do not work in the 750. I have a strong feeling that this topic will be coming up almost daily.
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    The 4GB card I have (purchased from MobyMemory in the UK) has no branding at all. Does anyone here have definitive information about a 4GB that will work ?



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