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    Please I'm considering a 700wx with Sprint and need to know how the RF and voice quality are. If anyone that uses one has any opinions please reply.
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    Ultimately depends on what you are comparing it to but overall I feel that the 700wx is a very solid perfromer in both areas, especially if you are accustomed to other coverged devices. The only gripe is that it picks up a lot of background noise in loud environments.
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    some may disagree, but I feel the rf signal with the treo 700wx is better than it was with the ppc6700. I am happy with it.

    the "picks up too much background noise" issue seems to be a palm thing for quite a while. many units.

    still the best device I have had.
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    One thing I've noticed is that you can't go by the signal bars at the top. I had a Sanyo MM-9000 before my 700wx and now my wife has the 9000.

    In the same room the 9000 will show full bars while the 700wx only shows 1 or 2. The debug screen shows its getting about the same signal strength as the 9000 is.
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    Like all other Sprint Treos, I think the 700wx is a very good RF performer.

    It's as good as any Sanyo I've used, which tend to be the gold standard.
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    Thanks, I am looking for a phone that does pushmail and a program called "TomTom NAVIGATOR 6" with a gps receiver. I tried the 6700 but found it cumbersome...defiantly a two hander. I just want to make sure the sound isn't a step down from my A900! I did also look at a Moto Q, but it felt cheep like light plastic...not Nokia quality, I've dropped them and they keep working.

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