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    i copied a phone number to the clip board. but i could not figure out how to get the darned phone to dial that number. the keypad did not seem to have a way to paste anything in. the phone number was in the "notes" section of an appointment and i really didn't want to create a contact just to dial once. any ideas? did i overlook something obvious and silly? new to the 750 after my 650 hit the highway after leaving it on top of my car during refueling. grrr.

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    Sure - once you get the number copied, you need to do a tap/hold (yuck - I hate tapping the screen or using...shudder...the stylus) on the place you want to paste that number. Paste will be in that pop-up menu when you tap/hold. I do this all the time.
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    thanks. i guess i should be used to that by now. i just don't understand why that is the only way to have it work. i mean, wtf? why not have a menu where i can pick that off just using the right soft key. grrrrrrrrrrrr

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